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A Natural Diet for Preventing Hair Loss From Boston SMP – Massachusetts SMP Clinic

There is a pattern to hair loss and, for some, this problem is inevitable due to some genetic factors or on some vitamin and mineral deficiencies. While there is nothing we can do about genetically influenced hair loss, and there is a proliferation of chemical solutions to hair loss problems, there is something we can afford to do to prevent this harmful effect of vitamin and mineral deficiencies to our hair – we can eat the right kind of food.

In plain language, all-natural food that goes through minimal or no processing is the best “right kind” of food. Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in calcium and iron, and other lean, protein-rich and low-fat food, are beneficial to healthy hair growth. Food rich in fiber, like unpolished whole oats and other grains and cereals, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits and fruit juices are rich sources of calcium and iron, too. This kind of food keeps the testosterone levels low (especially during puberty when there is a natural tendency for this level to go higher), leaving the hair to grow naturally healthy and shiny.

Wheat germ, brewer’s yeast and other fiber-and-protein-rich food high in vitamin B provide good nutrition for the hair. Silica, a well-regarded hair growth stimulant that are made into additive ingredient in shampoos, are also found in its organic form in bean sprouts and in the outer skins of potatoes, apples, bell peppers and cucumbers… so don’t throw away those peelings! To get the full healthy benefit from these fruits and vegetables, it is adviseable to invest in the more modern fruit juicers, the kind that extracts juice from the fruits and vegetables without taking away the peelings. This way, juice with all its benefits in organic form are extracted both from the fruits/vegetables AND their outer skins.

Take note that thyroid imbalance may also cause hair loss. If a person is known to have a thyroid dysfunction, he should eat more food rich in iodine and vitamin A like carrots and spinach, and seed oils from walnut or squash seeds. Remember, though, that excessive intake of vitamin A is harmful on the liver. This is the better alternative to traditional medicine against hair loss: a sensible, all-organic diet.

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