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Dealing With Female Hair Loss – BostonSMP Services Massachusetts

Female hair loss may be rare, but it’s not as difficult to deal with as one thinks. There are various treatments out in the market that would remedy the process, or at least slow it down dramatically. But the emotional shock of losing one’s hair may affect women profoundly – as if it’s not hard enough for men!

Women may even suffer more psychologically from female hair loss than men. At least it’s common knowledge that many men start to go partially or even fully bald once they reach a certain age, but women have the alienation of their peers to be afraid of. Certainly a disaster for the more fashion-conscious among our moms, aunts, and even grandmothers!

Hair loss is not restricted to males because it is caused by the androgens in our body. Androgens, or male hormones, are something everyone is born with, but understandably, men have vastly more of it than women do. The genetic condition of alopecia is triggered by androgens when people reach a certain age, which is why the start of baldness most commonly occurs among middle-aged men. Still, alopecia is a genetic condition, and if women happen to have been born with the genes, it is likely that they will suffer from alopecia once the androgens activate the condition.

Illness is also a vital factor in hair loss among females. This particular factor of baldness doesn’t choose by age; even little girls can experience baldness. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to various illnesses are often the prime culprits, as one of the most common side effects of intensive medication is loss of body hair. As this is not a genetic condition, and hair growth medication or surgery may interfere with the curative therapy, women who lose their hair via illness often opt for hairpieces.

As with male hair loss, female hair loss can be remedied by medical means: medicines or surgery. Women who have just realized that they suffer from alopecia must not give in to anxiety or panic, and see a hair loss specialist immediately. These specialists would be able to prescribe the proper medicines or recommend a course of action to alleviate the condition. There’s no need for a woman to think that once she loses her hair, she is completely powerless to do anything about it – but neither should she lose her head and opt for quack remedies! Religious consumption and application of reliable drugs, such as Propecia and Rogaine, should be all that she needs.

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