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Hairline Tattoo and hair loss Clinic In Andover Massachusetts

Everyone loses at least 100 scalp hairs a day. Even people with full, beautiful heads on hair often find lost follicles clogging the shower drain after a day or two. Yes, there are even celebrity hair transplants. The point is, all hair falls out—it is in its natural genetic program to do so.

The normal life cycle of a hair is hair growth (anagen), is maintained (catagen), and eventually falls out (telogen). Baldness does not occur unless this normal life cycle is disrupted for some reason. In certain types of alopecia, hair follicles begin to spend more time in telogen than in anagen or catagen.

If this balance shifts too much to telogen, hair that is lost is not replenished and apparent balding occurs. This type of hair loss is seen in androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

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