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Hairline Tattoo and hair loss Clinic In Cambridge Massachusetts

Are you experiencing hair loss? Are you losing your hairline and aren’t sure what to do? At Boston SMP ( Scalp New England we specialize in Recreating your hairline, Scar Camouflage & Adding Density to your existing hair to give a fuller look.

The most common type of permanent hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. In men, it causes a receding hairline, loss of hair on the vertex of the head, and baldness in predictable areas of the scalp over time.

In both men and women, pattern baldness is genetically predetermined. While the gene most often responsible for pattern baldness is found on the X chromosome. This means that the genetic predisposition to pattern baldness can be inherited from mother, father, or both parents.

While some of the genes associated with hair loss are dominant (they will cause a physical change regardless of the other genes present), androgenetic alopecia only occurs in those with certain genes and in the presence of certain hormones.

Fortunately, there are effective hair loss treatments for pattern baldness.

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