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Are you experiencing hair loss? Are you losing your hairline and aren’t sure what to do? At Boston SMP ( Scalp New England we specialize in Recreating your hairline, Scar Camouflage & Adding Density to your existing hair to give a fuller look.

One-quarter of men start to show signs of balding by the time they reach 30, and two-thirds start to lose their hair by age 60. Many of these men see it as a sign that their youth is fading.

Their self-confidence suffers, but they choose to ignore it, fearing their attempts to treat it will be unsuccessful, or that the results will look unnatural. That’s a bad decision! Advances in science and technology allow us to recreate that hairline and also provide techniques like hair tattooing.

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Our many services include:

Micro Pigmentation,
Scar Camouflage,
Recreating your hairline,
Hairline Tattooing,
Adding Density to your existing hair,

Start your BostonSMP Scalp New England in Massachusetts, hair Micro Pigmentation today with a single phone call to Owner and lead technician Brian Santora.