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Are you experiencing hair loss? Are you losing your hairline and aren’t sure what to do? At Boston SMP ( Scalp New England we specialize in Recreating your hairline, Scar Camouflage & Adding Density to your existing hair to give a fuller look.

There are many causes of hair loss ranging from genetic to intrinsic to external factors. The proper hair loss treatment depends on identifying the cause. Often it is necessary to consult with a physician that is experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of all types of alopecia, such as a dermatologist, to determine the cause of hair loss.

Genetic causes of alopecia are best treated by focusing on the hormonal component of the disease (finasteride, minoxidil) or through follicular unit transplantation. Hair loss caused by physiological stresses requires medical attention since the best treatment for these conditions is to remove or treat the disease state. Once the stressor is removed, the hair should return to anagen and grow again.

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Our many services include:

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  • Hairline Tattooing,
  • Adding Density to your existing hair,

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