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Laser Therapy For Hair Regrowth

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Hair loss is never a welcomed condition, although many people experience it. On the market, hair regrowth treatment products such as lotions, shampoos and laser products are readily available. There are also laser therapy hair growth centers that focus on this type of hair loss solution. Let us explore whether laser therapy for hair growth works and if it will benefit you.

First, you need to know why hair loss actually occurs then learn about hair regrow treatment. When the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles, which grow the hair, hair loss occurs. Complete baldness or thinning may occur, or only patches of hair may fall out, when this happens. There are two basic types, alopecia universalis and alopecia areata. Alopecia universalis is the loss of hair in multiple areas of the body, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, nose and ears, whereas alopecia areata is the loss of head hair only. Both problems can be treated by hair regrowth treatment.

To one’s health, the universal type can be threatening because it causes the eyes, ears and nose to be more vulnerable to germs and dust. There may be an underlying disease causing the problem, though general head hair loss itself is not life-threatening. You should see a doctor before seeking any type of hair regrow treatment, if you suspect that there are other issues causing the loss of your hair.

To stimulate and heal the scalp, special lasers for hair regrowth treatment are used. To penetrate the skin without damage or heat to the scalp, a cold laser is used, thus, improving circulation and increasing cell metabolism. For many, this promotes new hair follicle cell growth, although not all experiences or results are the same.

A combination of laser therapy, special hair care formulas, detoxification and massage, and prescription formulas are used by some laser therapy hair growth for hair regrow treatment centers to maximize benefits for their patients. A hair loss center that utilizes only all natural products is important to choose. The scalp can be damaged by the use of chemicals such as Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (which are found in many over-the-counter shampoos). While encouraging healthier scalps for the long term, holistic products help promote chemical-free hair re-growth.

To encourage the natural re-growth of hair and long-term success, some hair regrowth treatment companies combine all of the above methods with diet and exercise recommendations. these companies offers the best, safest solutions so those with hair loss issues can have peace of mind about their quest for a solution, although not all patients will have the same results. Consider laser therapy through centers that are focused on the natural solutions that can safely promote hair growth, if you are seeking help with hair loss. With proper hair regrow treatment and guidance, you can regenerate your scalp hair.