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Scalp Micropigmentation near Boston, MA

How does it work?

Our licensed/certified technician performs a cosmetic treatment similar to a tattoo, though instead of drawing lines with ink we use pigments which are injected into the dermis through a microscopic needle made specifically to replicate a single hair follicle.

The process is repeated to fill in the entire area suffering from hair loss. Unlike our competitor’s who use regular tattoo ink Scalp Designs pigmentation is 100% Organic charcoal containing no dye’s nor color additive’s which means it will not fade nor turn into a green/blue hue.

This is very essential and the difference between it being undetectable or not.

Permanent / Affordable / Guaranteed

With the help of our experts, our scalp micropigmentation techniques can allow you to overcome any of these issues:

Male Pattern Baldness
Women’s hair loss
Add Density
Cover Up Scars
Along with Hair Transplants
Repair Bad Treatments



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