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The truth about female hair loss treatments.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

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Are you worried about losing your hair? You’re not alone, women’s hair loss will affect nearly half of all women at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are female hair loss treatments available for all different types of hair loss. Read this article to learn more, and take the next step.

Hair Loss or Hair Breakage?

Before choosing the right female hair loss treatment you need to diagnose the problem. Is your hair clogging the sink, or is it breaking off when you comb it? If it just breaking off, it is likely your hair is just damaged from hair coloring, blow drying, or flat ironing. Try styling your hair in a gentler way, and see if it grows back. If it doesn’t, or your hair appears healthy (but is still falling out), you may have genetic hair loss and should start treating it immediately (it is easier to keep hair than grow it back!). If you can’t figure out why your hair is falling out on your own, get a free hair loss consultation.

Which Female Hair Loss Treatment is Right?

The right treatment is the one that works, but with so many different options, which one should you try? I recommend that you stick to what is known to work. That is using minoxidil, getting the right vitamins, and if necessary a hair transplant.