February 3, 2023

Hair Loss Tips On How To Hide Your Thinning Hair

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Once you start going bald, it’s hard to reverse the process, especially if it’s something you’re genetically predisposed to do. Besides which, thinning hair on either men or women can add years to your appearance; it’s just as effective as wrinkles at making you look older than you are. Nevertheless, there are ways to cope with this nightmare by deciding what your next haircut should be like, among many other hairstyling tips and recommendations. There are ways around to hiding your thinning hair, or at least styling it in such a way that you’d feel comfortable in your own skin (and lack of hair).

Hair loss and Pessimism

No man ever refers to “losing hair” as “gaining head”, even though the “glass is half-empty or half-full” principle of optimism and pessimism could help a lot in coping with this embarrassing and inevitable condition. It’s hard to not be negative about losing one’s looks and going into a mid-life crisis because of the ever-looming clutches of old age and death. As a man with failing follicles, if you want to exude the same air of virility and confidence as someone with a full head of hair, you need to accept that you yourself haven’t changed, only your looks have.

Looks are supposed to change anyway. At any rate, before you go about hiding your hair loss, you should first go about coming to terms with it. No amount of hair gel, comb-over attempts, or wigs can solve your psychological insecurity when it comes to your receding main. Even if for you your thinning hair is akin to a hot-button political topic that has democrats and republicans at each other’s throats, you should tackle it with a bit of grace and tact worthy of the president (or at least his public relations officer).

The Positive Spin to Thinning Hair

After coming into terms with your progressing baldness (the same way Prince William probably did), then you can go consider your options for hiding your thinning hair and putting a more positive spin to your looks. Whether your problem is a full-blown horseshoe, a bald spot, or a receding hair line, hair stylists the world over are there to help. If they can make middle-aged politicians look positively presidential, then they could do the same to you too. First off, you should find someone who does the best “scissor work” for you, whether it’s a barber or a stylist. Either is fine as long as you’re comfortable with them.

Choosing the barber entails getting an “assembly line haircut”. If you’ve crossed the point of no return and you already look like the principal of a local school or its resident guidance counselor, then the barber is the most logical choice. After all, the thinner your hair, the more convenient it is to get a simple and short trim. Just don’t expect anything fancy. As for a hairstylist, they’re more advantageous than a barber because they will always choose a hairstyle that best matches your face and looks. They’ll also explain why they’re picking a particular hair cut for you. That’s how they’re trained, but it comes with the downside of them being more expensive than barbers.

Hairline Recasting

Men typically hide their receding hairline by either trying to make their hair look like what it used to or growing it a little longer so that they can slick it back. Both of these balding hair shenanigans are mistakes. If you want to improve your appearance despite your follicle troubles, you should strive for volume instead. Apply a light gel in your hair and blow dry it while fluffing it with a round brush in order to achieve a hair that’s strong throughout and thick in the front. You can also cut your hair shorter and leaving it that way is a great way to go. Balding me like Bruce Willis, Matthew McConaughey, and Nicolas Cage have coped with their hair loss gracefully by using the abovementioned techniques.

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