February 3, 2023

Hair Thinning Remedies To Stop Going Bald

There are several natural hair loss remedies to stop hair loss.

When you brush, this will help to unclog the follicles of dirt and a natural oil called sebum. When your follicles get clogged, then this will prevent the hair from growing or slow down the rate at which it grows. Investing in a decent brush will help to solve this problem and get rid of old sebum so your scalp can produce newer oils.

Make sure your diet doesn’t lack any of the vitamins that are crucial in order to stop hair loss. The most important vitamins are vitamin B3, B5 and B6. Other important vitamins are vitamin A, C and E. Your diet should also contain sufficient amounts of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and silica.

This is a palm plant found in North America and grows abundantly in coastal areas. This has been a very popular remedy because it contains compounds that can block DHT. DHT is a derivative of testosterone which is a dominant hormone in men but can also be present in women. This hormone travels to the scalp and blocks the hair follicles causing thinner hair to grow. If this is not treated immediately, it can lead to androgenetic alopecia or male-female pattern baldness. Saw palmetto, when taken internally and externally is purported to block DHT into traveling to the hair follicles.

Zinc is required for healthy production of the hair since it aids in the hair follicle cell division. Other than that, zinc has also been found to have the ability to slow down hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. You can get zinc from foods like oysters or alternatively, you can take a good zinc supplement.

Take about 10-15 minutes to massage the scalp before going to bed. Rub your hands till quite warm. Begin from the forehead, massage your way down to the nape. Repeat.

Good massage stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles in the scalp. Make it a habit. Do it every night, over time, you’ll find a remarkable result. Not only does it help stop hair loss, but it helps hair growth. You’ll have shiny healthier hair.

Massaging will help you a little bit for curing the temporary hair loss that you have. If you go to the market and enquire for devices for massaging your hair you will be surprised that there a lot of applications that are present in the market.

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